A Chance at love…

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Violet came home to find Chance sitting on the sofa relaxing, “what are you doing here?” she smirked. Ever since she gave him a key he made a point to be there every Friday when she arrived home from work. Seemingly ignoring her question, “how was your day?” he replied as he stretched and rose from his comfortable position, his jeans hanging just below the V of his waist. Violet kicked off her pointy stilettos and proceeded to open the fridge door to grab a bottle of water and see what their options were for dinner.

When she finally turned around, Chance had closed in on her. Hey there, she said, licking the water droplet off her top lip. With no return comment, he pulled her close and planted a passionate kiss on her mouth. Pulling away, “behave”, she giggled, or I won’t be able to get dinner started. “Hmmm” he moaned… “I think I see what I am going to have”‘, as he leaned in and kissed her again. “Really”, she responded sarcastically, “and what is that?” her eyes dancing with anticipation of what pleasure he has in store for her. “Well”, he said, slowly sliding his hand underneath her knit dress palming her firm ass. “Someone has been doing her squats.” he teased pulling her closer. She quivered at his touch, the intoxicating smell of scotch on his breath. “That will have to wait until later” Turning away slightly only to find herself pinned to the refrigerator. Chance slowly and methodically kisses her neck while untying her DVF wrap dress.

“Chance”, she whispered. Letting her dress carefully fall to the floor at her feet. Chance kneeled down and kissed her butt cheek and begin to tug at the growing moist spot in her panties. “You never play fair”, she moaned. “I need to make din…” but before she could finish her sentence, Chance slid her panties down and began nuzzling her exposed clit. “Don’t worry, I have my dinner taken care of.” Violet willfully succumbed to his advances grabbing a handful of his long thick locs. She loved this man, and the way her body responded was proof of that.

Before she realized what was happening Chance raised her up with her legs wrapped around her neck, and spun her around to the long island in the center of the kitchen. “You taste so good”, he proclaimed, “I could get lost in you all night.” He buried his head deeper, holding her tight. He lowered her onto the kitchen island taking in a full investigation of her glowing frame. He unbuckled his pants discarding them to the side. Violet, pleased with her view of his caramel skin from below him, softly said, “take your time, dinner is served”

As Chance gently entered her she gasped, always a little stunned by the size of his endowment. “Did you miss us whispered through a smirk. His dark eyes piercing her soul. “No,” she joked, “I didn’t miss you at all.” He pushed into her a little deeper, “are you sure”? “Very sure”, she replied, “Not even a little”. “Well I guess we are going to have to make sure you miss us next time”, and with that he drove into her hard and deep. She moaned loudly and tried to scoot away, but before she could he was pumping into her again. “Ooohh” she wailed as he quickened his stroke, going deeper each time… grabbing her ass pulling her even closer. “Now tell me again how you didn’t miss me”, he said.

Trying to catch her breath, “I didn’t miss you at all”, she stuttered, and “what did you say your name was again?” He withdrew from her warmth and in one motion picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and carried her into the bedroom. He gently placed her on the bed and admired her silky smooth golden skin. Violet stroked his muscular chest, running her fingers across the many tattoos that adorned him. “Simply magnificent”, she said with love in her eyes. Just then Chance, flipped her over onto her stomach. Anticipation of what would come next filled her body, she knew what he wanted, but he would have to bang it out of her. Chance caressed her back ever so slightly, then without notice rammed his dick into her pulsating moistness so hard she screamed out.

“Since you seem to have amnesia, I’m going to spell it out for you. The name is C-H-A-N-C-E.” Withdrawing completely before ramming into her again and again. “Do you know my name now?” he asked. “Chuck?” she questioned, breathing heavily, her body tingling immensely. Suddenly he stopped, and in a stern tone, “What’s my name Violet?” Violet pushed back, trying to reconnect their bodies, but he didn’t budge. “What’s my name?” with a smack on her ass sending her nerves into overload. She was on edge and needed him to send her into ecstasy. “What’s my name?” this time with two smacks on either side of her ass. Not being able to take the growing tension between her thighs she screamed out “CHANCE!” “Say it again…” he softly whispered in her ear. “Chance”, she grunted. “Good girl, did you miss me?” Pulling her hair back and slowing his grind, “tell me you missed me.” The torturous pace close to sending her into oblivion. “Yes, I missed you”, pushing back against him, matching him stroke for stroke. “I missed you fucking me.” Unable to hold on anymore-Violet road the wave of orgasm crashing around her.

Finally giving into his own pressure, Chance released his warm essence into her, comforted that she was all his.