Sexual Material Unmistakably Tasteful

Do you enjoy a quick read to get you in the mood for sexy time? Or just enjoy a little erotic reading from time to time? S.M.U.T. is a collection of short stories for your reading pleasure written by yours truly. Take a stroll down the journey of Knuckles and Lexi or live vicariously through Ainsley and Emerson as they get each other hot and bothered

Good, Bad or Ugly

[arm_restrict_content plan=”1,” type=”show”] [armelse] [/arm_restrict_content]Updated: Mar 3 Lexi touched down in Jacksonville the day before Knuckles was scheduled to

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All black love

Updated: Feb 16 Lexi stopped by the clubhouse to drop off supplies for the weekend’s event. When she drove

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Blow me away

Maureen stood in her walk in closet assessing her outfit choices for the night. Jonathan told her they

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Let Love Rule

Updated: Jan 10 Let Love Rule Noah awakened to an empty bed and the aroma of coffee brewing. He

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A Chance at love…

[arm_restrict_content plan=”1,” type=”hide”] [armelse] [/arm_restrict_content]   Violet came home to find Chance sitting on the sofa relaxing, “what

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