All black love

Updated: Feb 16

Lexi stopped by the clubhouse to drop off supplies for the weekend’s event. When she drove up, she saw Knuckles sitting in a lawn chair, dressed in all black, smoking a cigar. As promised, he was waiting to help her unload the car. She watched as he carefully put the stick out and laid it across the chair. He knew the smoke bothered her, but the smell enticed her. “Hey handsome,” Lexi said as she climbed out of the overly stuffed sports car. Knuckles took into full view her short shorts and smooth caramel legs. “Damn woman,” he smirked, what did I tell you about wearing those little things up here.”

“A little feisty today aren’t you,” she smiled, “good thing you are here alone. We would hate for anyone to know I actually have legs.” Knuckles rolled his eyes playfully, “I saw that,” Lexi laughed. “Help me with these bags so I can get out of here before anyone sees these,” looking down at her legs. Knuckles grabbed her hand and pulled her close, “not until you give me a kiss.” As he leaned down, he could smell the faint scent of lemongrass. He buried his face in her curls and hugged her tightly, all his cares from the day melting away. Lexi, sensing his tension turned and kissed him deeply, “I missed you too,” she whispered.

As they carried in the last of the bags, Knuckles made sure to lock the door behind them. Lexi organized everything as Knuckles arranged the furniture to create more space. “I think that should do it; you need anything else before I head out?” “No need to rush, no one else is coming for a couple of hours, hangout with me a for a while.” They had a strict agreement that Lexi would not hangout at the clubhouse when other members were there. They enjoyed keeping their relationship private, it kept down drama confusion on both sides.

Knuckles ushered her over to the new sofa that had been delivered earlier that day, a gift from a probie trying to gain brownie points after burning a hole in the old one. “You thirsty, I think there may be a ginger ale in the fridge.” There was always a ginger ale in the fridge when she stopped by. “I think you put one in just for me.” Lexi replied. “I just want you to be comfortable when you’re here,” he replied as he slid on the sofa next to her.

Lexi kicked off her sneakers and threw her legs across Knuckles’ lap. “He looked down and began to caress her silky skin. Lexi laid back and closed her eyes. His rough hands making her tingle. His caress became firmer, traveling up her thigh, touching the fraying of her barely there cutoffs. His large hands slowly unzipping the tiny zipper, revealing her freshly shaved skin and commando status. He shifted her legs on the sofa and discarded his shirt exposing his many tattoos. “You are so fucking sexy, he said as he kicked off his jeans and lowered himself on top of her.

Lexi wrapped her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes, as if to tell him what he wanted. Knuckles slid her down the sofa and removed her shorts for better access. He raised her legs across his shoulders, before slowly entering her. “Oh god, I have missed you,” she moaned. “Is that so, tell me what you missed,” he replied, his stroke slow and deep. Lexi winced, “I missed this.” “I think you can do better than that,” Knuckles whispered, slowing down his pace even more.

“I missed you fucking me,” she begged. “You like it when I fuck you?” He replied softly, caressing her breast and pinching her nipples. “Yes,” Lexi stuttered. “Then tell me,” he teased, “tell me what you want.” “Fuck me hard Knuck, fuck me hard,” she stammered. As Knuckles quickened his pace Lexi moaned, “harder.” Knuckles began to kiss and bite her neck. Lexi, unable to take the pounding any longer gave into her growing orgasm. “That’s it baby, give me all of you,” Knuckles grunted as he grinded her deeper.

I love you Knuck, Lexi panted. Knowing he couldn’t take much more he collapsed on top of her, squeezing her tightly. “Uugghh,” he screamed, as he exploded inside of her releasing his love, raw and pure.

“I guess I will take that ginger ale now…” Lexi grinned.