Fast cars, fast love

“Are you hungry, I hope you didn’t think I brought you all the way out here and wasn’t going to feed you.” Pick a car and lets go” he exclaimed. “Excuse me?” Brooks questioned. “Pick a car and we will go for a drive and grab an early dinner. “ he clarified, “any car.” Are you sure? Brooks inquired as she gave the garage a once over. “Yes I am.” He replied. “In that case, let’s go for the one that started it all, the Coronet”, knowing that is held a special place in his heart, she wondered if it would be off limits. Ainsley walked over to the key cabinet and grab the Coronet keys and looked at them fondly. Tossing the keys her way, “you’re driving”. Be easy on the old girl she doesn’t get out much.” With a little persuasion Brooks hopped in the driver seat and carefully pulled out of the garage.

They went for a long scenic drive through the hill country and pulled into Dirty Martin’s Place for a burger. “This car drives like a dream. Thank you for sharing it with me.” Brooks said as she hopped from the driver’s side. “I think I would share just about anything with you” Ainsley said as he crawled from the passenger seat, stretching his 6’ foot 4” inch frame. Brooks, not knowing what to say, simply smiled and said “thank you.” “Will you grab a table while I wash my hands?” Brooks asked as they walked into the restaurant. When she came out, she found Ainsley sitting in the back of the restaurant in a cozy booth. “My turn, Ainsley said, kissing Brooks on her forehead as he rose from the blue and silver striped seat.

Upon his return they ordered burgers, fries and shakes. Before they realized it, the restaurant was closing and they were the only two left. “Ainsley, today has been great, it’s been awhile since I have gone out on a date. Thank you.” “It doesn’t have to end right now. Let’s get out of here, I want to show you something.” He dropped a few dollars on the table, grabbed her hand again and declared, but this time I am driving. He switched on some slow tunes and cruised out onto the freeway. Brooks began to relax and hummed to the music. A few minutes later they pulled into an old drive-in theater. “When the world gets too heavy this is where I escape to. There’s always a corny black and white movie playing, but it brings me back to a slower, less hectic time.

“I didn’t even realize drive-in movies were still a thing. It’s just a few of them around, but I visit them a few times a year. I figure I am doing my part to keep them open. They walked over to the concession stand and grabbed a few treats. As they strolled back to the car, Ainsley question, “Why don’t you race anymore? You are the most talented mechanic in the metroplex.” Startled by the question, the smile faded from Brooks’ face. “I haven’t raced since my husband died in a crash five years ago” Having heard rumors to this effect, and appreciative of the open door in the conversation, Ainsley pressed a little more. “Do you miss it?” “I think about it sometime. I just can’t bring myself to get back on the track, but then again, I can’t bring myself to do a lot of things I think about.” Gazing into her eyes for a moment, Ainsley felt her pain and wished he could take it away.,

“The movie is starting we better get back to the car,” she whispered. They got comfortable in the car and watched a double feature of corny black and white sappy romance movies. Brooks fell asleep on the drive back, and when they pulled up to her house Ainsley sat for a moment and just appreciated this beautiful woman. “I am going to make you mine,” he said loud enough for his ears only. He carefully opened the car door as not to wake her yet. As he came around to her side of the car he brushed her curly hair aside and caressed her cheek. “Brooks, you’re home.” In a low moan Brooks said stay with me.” Not thinking that message was for him, Ainsley shook her shoulder, “Brooks, you’re home.” “Stay with me Ainsley” and with this she looked him directly in the eyes. “Stay with me.”

Brooks and Ainsley slowly walked to the door hand in hand. Unsure of what would happen next, he followed her lead. As they entered the house, Armando greeted her with enthusiasm. She refreshed his water and gave him a dog treat. “The bedroom is upstairs. Shall we?” Brooks led Ainsley upstairs to a welcoming king size bed with royal blue linens and fluffy down pillows. “It’s been awhile, since I …” “Are you sure you want this?” Ainsley questioned. “Yes” Brooks hesitated.

“Let’s take it slow”, Ainsley said as he closed the door, leaving Armando outside the door. Brooks cautiously walked toward Ainsley and “I’m a little out of practice.” “We are in this together,” Ainsley said, soothing her with gentle kisses. Brooks slowly began taking off her clothes, with Ainsley following suit. As she lay on the bed he admired her toned physique. He slid out of his jeans and pulled his shirt over his head. “If I am moving too fast, we can always stop.” Brooks replied, “I want this”. Ainsley lay beside her and stroked her thigh, making her body quiver. He kissed her deeply and passionately, and it was if all her pain melted away.

Ainsley positioned himself on top of her, looking down into her wanting eyes, he knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He leaned in softly kissing her neck while massaging her full breast. He had thought about this day for months and wanted to savor every part of her. He moved his kisses lower, swirling his tongue on her stomach, inching toward the ache between her thighs. “Ooohh” she moaned, as she rubbed his bald head. Ainsley gently spread her legs exposing her swollen clit, completely engulfing her with his mouth, sucking and licking her pain away. “Brooks, I want you.” It had been five years since she heard a man say that to her. Through heavy breathing she said, “I want to feel you inside me.” Ainsley slid up from the warmth of her thighs and pressed his love against her moist entry. Brooks cried out at the discomfort, having not been touched for so long. Ainsley withdrew and pressed into her again this time more deliberately.

Brooks began to relax and become one with Ainsley Her tension and stress leaving her body with every stroke. She felt the pressure rising inside of her and knew that she would not be able to hold on much longer. “Ainsley” she moaned, “harder, please…” Tears began to roll down her face as she began to climax. Ainsley kissed her tears as he welcomed his own release.

The perfect ending to a perfect day.