Good, Bad or Ugly

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Lexi touched down in Jacksonville the day before Knuckles was scheduled to arrive. This gave her just enough time to get settled into the hotel and get preparations made. Knuckles had been on a long run and they hadn’t spent any real time together in weeks. It was close to dinnertime when she was finally done for the day. Knuckles promised that he would call when they stopped to eat. His nights were late, and his morning early, but he always made sure Lexi heard his voice each day he was on the road. Lexi’s phone chimed, Knuckles special ringtone. She smiled at her phone as she always did when he confirmed he was safe.

“Hey baby, how are you?” Lexi inquired. “I’m okay, just a little tired,” Knuckles responded. She could hear the exhaustion in his voice. “You made it safely? Knuckles questioned. “Yes, I’m all settled in for the night,” Lexi replied, concerned with his tone. “We are getting in sooner than expected. I will be there in a couple of hours,” he rushed. “The key will be at the desk, please be safe,” Lexi pleaded. “Good, bad, or ugly, I will see you soon. As the call ended, Lexi knew things hadn’t gone as he had hoped.

Lexi had the routine down; She began to arrange everything necessary for Knuckles’ arrival. She called room service to ensure food and drinks would arrive timely, and not be disrupted once Knuckles was in for the night. “I think that should do it,” Lexi announced to herself. She ran her hand across the leather slapper and wrist restraints. The black silk blindfold lay neatly across the pillow. With everything set, she had time to shower before room service would be knocking.

As she exited the shower, the scent of vanilla and lavender filled the room. Knock, knock, “thank you, I will take it from here,” Letting the attendant know that he could leave the cart at the door. “Have a goodnight,” he said as Lexi signed the check and closed the door behind him. Lexi set the food on the table and placed a drink on the nightstand. Lexi took her hair down from the ponytail and discarded her robe. She gave herself a final once over in the mirror, her red lipstick applied meticulously.

Lexi dimmed the lights and walked over to the bed to fold the bedspread and sheets back. With a final look around the room, Lexi laid across the bed to wait. Thirty minutes passed before she heard three knocks and the door opening. “Hey baby,” Knuckles said, pleased that Lexi has made the appropriate arrangements. ”Hey babe,” Lexi responded, not moving from her position on the bed. Knuckles disappeared into the bathroom to shower and freshen up. He re-entered clean-shaven with black boxers and t-shirt on. His eyes were dark and fixated on Lexi’s nude frame. He sat next to the bed and sipped his Uncle Nearest 1856. “I missed you baby,” he said, as he leaned over to kiss Lexi on the forehead. “Well I’m all yours now,” Lexi smiled, her eyes glistening under the low lights.

Knuckles caressed her cheek as he slid the black silk across her eyes. Lexi shivered slightly, anticipation growing inside her. “Your safe word is black,” Knuckles whispered in Lexi’s ear. The safe word was always the same, but not once was it necessary for Lexi to use. Knuckles finished his drink and picked up the wrist restraints. ”On your stomach,” he ordered. Lexi rolled over as instructed. “Hands above your head,” Knuckles said as he guided Lexi’s arms where he wanted them. “He secured her wrists and kissed her shoulder. Lexi released a deep breath.

Whack, Lexi Stiffened at the sting of the leather on her ass. Whack, whack, “these stupid mother fuckas,” Knuckles yelled. Whack, whack, “I can’t fuckin believe them.” Whack, whack, “Nobody can follow simple directions anymore,” Lexi now bracing for the oncoming punishment. Knuckles poured himself another drink and discarded his shirt and boxers. He grabbed Lexi by her waist, pulling her onto her knees. Her ass was burning and was beginning to turn red. Knuckles slowly poured the whiskey on the small of her back, licking and sucking it off her. The sensation confusing her senses long enough to forget the stinging. Whack, this time Lexi gasped audibly.

Without warning, Knuckles mounted her aggressively, ramming his dick deep inside her. “Uugghh,” Lexi screamed out. Knuckles threw the leather slapper to the side and began riding her hard. Lexi, dazed at sensory overload grinded in sync with Knuckles. “Fuck”, Knuckles moaned, I missed this sweet pussy.” Reaching around to twist her aroused nipples. “Aarrgh, Lexi winced. Knowing she couldn’t take much more, Knuckles slowed his pace, grabbing her ass firmly. “I need you to cum for me baby,” he grunted. “I won’t stop until you cum for me.” Knuckles plunged deeper inside of Lexi, her legs starting to shake as her orgasm grew strong. Uugghh, Uugghh, FUCK!!” Lexi shuttered as her orgasm came crashing around her. Knuckles quickened his pace, his hands leaving imprints on Lexi. Not able to hold back any longer, Knuckles poured his love into Lexi. As his body shook, he clinched her tightly, finally collapsing onto her panting.

After a few minutes, Knuckles rose from the bed to run Lexi a bath. Good bad or ugly, they knew they had each other always.