Let Love Rule

Updated: Jan 10

Let Love Rule

Noah awakened to an empty bed and the aroma of coffee brewing. He stumbled onto his feet, his grey boxer briefs highlighting an obvious morning erection. “Harp” he calls out, wondering were Harper had disappeared. He surveyed the room trying to locate the jeans he discarded the night before. “How the heck did they get there?” he said to himself as he pulled the crumpled clothing from between the mattress and footboard. He sat back down a moment, running his hand through his dark curly hair. He slid into his jeans and threw his shirt back on the bed before walking out.

As he shuffled into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, he heard the faint sound of music coming from the back yard. The floor to ceiling windows giving him a perfect view as he watched Harper dance in the garden watering her flowers in her lavender nighty. “I love that woman.”

Just as he walked outside Harper turned to see him standing there, her brown eyes brighter than ever in the sunlight. “Hey handsome,” she said as she walked towards him, “You have a kiss for me this morning?” she said, as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “As many as you like,” he smirked while gently kissing her lips. “You’re up early this morning,” he whispered, kissing her forehead before stepping back to take in the full view of her beauty. Have you forgotten what today is?” she grinned. “No baby, I haven’t forgotten,” he said.

It had been exactly 6 weeks since Harper had a double mastectomy. She had been diagnosed with stage II breast cancer in her late 20s and at the age of 30 made the difficult decision to have the surgery. “I just didn’t think…” he started, but Harper cut him off with a kiss. “Come dance with me,” she smiled, “I feel fine.” Just then Lenny Kravitz’s I Belong to You began playing. He spun her around and drew her close. “I love you Harp.” She nestled her head into his muscular chest, letting out a deep sigh. “I love you back,” she whispered, a tear escaping from her eye.

As he felt the moisture on his chest, his heart broke for her and he held her a bit tighter. As they swayed back and forth he tilted her head up towards him and kissed her wet cheeks, then moving down to her lips. She kissed him passionately, aggressively as if her life was dependent upon it. “Are you sure?” he stuttered. “Yes…I need to” and with that Harper slid out of her nightgown, her scars on full display.

Noah bent down and gently kissed her shiny pink incisions, Harper winced, bracing herself for what she didn’t know. He slowly smoothed his fingers across her scars, her body tingling at the sensation. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered, Harper’s body tensing without even realizing it. “Relax baby.” He ushered into the gazebo onto the chaise lounge. “Let me take care of you.” As she lay back, Noah kicked off his jeans, releasing his growing bulge and kneeled down next to her. Starting at her feelt he kissed and licked the body he had missed so much.

You’re so beautiful.” He nuzzled the soft hair between her inner thighs. “Ooohh, Noah” she moaned, as he flicked his tongue up and down her clit. Nibbling and sucking as he savored her juices. As he moved up her body, she became self-conscious and immediately folded her arms to cover her chest. “I want all of you” he whispered, “He cautiously moved her arms, tenderly massaging her where breast once were.

He lay down next to her, looking deeply into her eyes. As he pulls her closer, she caresses his firm manhood. “I want you Noah,” she stammers, nervously rolling him onto his back. Clenching, Harper crawled on top of Noah, claiming what she desperately needed. As she ushered him inside of her she rocked back and forth until their bodies moved in unison. “Fuck Harper, you feel so good,” Noah grunted. Harper took this as encouragement and grabbed his shoulders and drove him into her deeper. There in the garden Harper reclaimed what she once thought was lost. She dismissed the thought of how she looked and how her body had changed and gave all of herself to the man she loved. As the two climaxed together she collapsed on top of him, chest to chest. Nothing in between them but love.