My Compliments to the Chef

Updated: Jan 27

Chandler had been planning this day since he heard The Garden was going up for sale. The owners were getting older and wanted to relocate to where their children were. Chandler had convinced them to sell him the restaurant on this exact day one year ago. He had been the head chef of a popular upscale restaurant in Fort Worth, but really wanted to take this place to the next level. “Thank you again, Paisley is going to be so surprised,” he said to the owners as they finished signing the final paperwork. “Please give her a hug for us, we are going to get out of here. We have a long drive in the morning.”

The restaurant was buzzing with the happy hour and early dinner crowds mingling. Texas Flood was beginning their set when Paisley arrived. Chandler had the private room setup for an intimate dinner for two. The candle lit room was adorned with calla lilies paired with blue and purple hydrangea,s all of Paisley’s favorite flowers. “Chandler this is beautiful,” Paisley exclaimed. Chandler pulled her close, whispering “you deserve flowers every day.” Chandler looked deep into her eyes, kissing her passionately on the lips. Paisley slid her arms around Chandler’s neck and hugged him tightly, kissing him back.

Chandler took a step back, admiring his beautiful wife. He smirked, “I hope you’re hungry, the chef has prepared a wonderful five course meal.” He popped his head out into the restaurant signaling to the wait staff that they were ready to be served. They started the meal with soup and salad, each course more delicious then the last. The main course was spinach and mushroom lasagna, they laughed about Paisley having spinach in her teeth on their first date. “I don’t know what it is, but the menu tastes a little different. Did they get a new head chef?” “Yeah, some guy from Fort Worth, he supposed to be pretty good.”

“I can’t wait to see what he has prepared for dessert,” Paisley said, you know I love dessert. “Well,” Chandler hesitated, “I thought we could have our dessert outside.” The buzz of the restaurant had settled, and soft music was playing in the background. “I didn’t realize we closed the place down,” Paisley said looking around at the empty tables. “Oh yeah, they closed early tonight, the new owner had a private dinner planned,” Chandler added casually.

Before it registered with Paisley, Chandler walked her out onto the back patio of the restaurant. Twinkling string lights, lanterns and exotic flowers created a romantic setting for his grand surprise. A table of various desserts set immaculately on white linen with a beautiful bouquet of the same floral design from inside. Paisley walked over running her hand across the table. “So many choices, everything looks decadent,” she said excitedly. Paisley paused, “this is breathtaking, the new owner has a great vision.” “Chandler hugged Paisley from the back, “I like to think so,” he said as he turned her to face him.

“Did I tell you how beautiful you look this evening?” “No, I don’t believe you did,” Paisley replied with a smile. “Chandler slowly kissed her neck, taking in the scent of vanilla. “You look good enough to eat,” he smirked, slowly caressing her shoulder, slipping off her duster to expose the thin spaghetti straps of her matching silk dress. “Chandler, what if the new owner comes?” Paisley asked at a whisper looking around the garden. “Oh, I plan on cumming alright,” Chandler said as he kissed her shoulder sliding down the barely there straps. “I bought the place earlier today,” he smiled, “so help me christen it.” A shocked Paisley melted into his harms, letting her dress fall to the ground, her bronze skin glistening under the glow of the lights.

Chandler ushered her to the cabana and lowered her to the love seat. As she lays there is her lace thong, Chandler kissed her stomach, “I think its time for dessert,” he smirked. “I do love dessert,” Paisley responded as she slid her panties off. He kneeled in front of her, enjoying the view facing him. Chandler softly kissed her inner thigh, making his way upward; licking and sucking her throbbing clit. Paisley slid down towards him, giving him even better access to her moistness, wanting to experience all his tongue has to offer.

Chandler unbuttoned his shirt and pants and tossed them aside joining Paisley on the love seat, his smooth chocolate skin glistening under the canopy of stars. She began massaging his already firm manhood, drawing him nearer to her. Chandler leaned Paisley back, her warmth waiting to welcome him. “You feel so damn good,” she moaned as he entered her. Slowly stroking and grinding against her swollen clit, Chandler looked down at Paisley grinning, you are so wet.” Paisley began tensing, knowing that she was close to climax. “Fuck, she stuttered, her body beginning to shake as her orgasm rolled through her. “Uugghh,” Chandler mumbled and began pumping into her vigorously. Not able to hold back his own orgasm, he squeezed her tightly, emptying his love inside of her. Chandler gently caressed her thigh, “I love you forever P,” the gentle touch causing Paisley to tremble slightly. “I love you Chandler” Paisley replied.