Thank You for Your Service

Thank you for your service

“Hi mom,” Jasmine sighed as she answered the phone. “No, I still haven’t heard from her yet.” Jasmine’s wife Jada had been deployed for 18 months and was due to return in 2 weeks. “I’ve been on edge all week; I just want her home safe. “Oh Pumpkin, you know how it is when it’s time for them to come home” her mom responded. “I know mom, things are getting scary in Iran and she needs to get back before things get worse” Jasmine replied. “You know I’m here for you, call me if you need anything, I love you Pumpkin.” Her mom always had a way of calming her. “Thanks mom, I have to get ready for work” and with that they hung up.

Jasmine gathered her outfit for the day and retreated to the bathroom for a warm shower. “Bring her home safely” Jasmine prayed as she entered the shower. It’s been a long time since she has been intimate with her partner. Her skin soft and moist felt smooth to the touch. The warm water trickling down her body soothing away her worry. She finds herself aroused at the thought of Jada in her dress blues, her hair pulled back in a slick bun with her spit shined shoes. She slowly caresses her body, the soft loofa feeling silky across her thighs and chest. “My goodness I miss her,” she whispers to herself.

Jasmine exits the shower, wrapping her curls in a towel and smoothing on her favorite vanilla body cream. Jasmine pulled on a pair of baggy jeans and one of Jada’s Marine sweatshirts. Working from home is convenient these days, she can stay close to her computer, but also be available for any calls that may come in. “Maybe I should put on some music, this silence is maddening” she said out loud to no one. As she powered up her iHome speaker she smiled to herself, thinking about the last night Jada was home. They danced around like schoolgirls to all the latest hip-hop and rap music. It was a great night despite the early morning departure.

As she sat down to her computer, her Skype screen popped up, “Jada!!” “Hey doll,” Jada casually said, “how are you?” With tears in her eyes, Jasmine could barely respond. “I’m good babe, how are you?” “I have some news,” she said as she put her head down. “I won’t be home in two weeks, my date got pushed.” The Skype connection began getting shaky, “wait, what, pushed?” The doorbell ringing in the background, “we can talk about it later, I have to go” Jada replied. “No, please don’t go, wait,” Jasmine begged the doorbell ringing again. The Skype connect ended and Jasmine burst into tears.

Jasmine attempted to collect herself as she walked to the door. “Just a minute, I’m coming,” she yelled. The hallway seeming longer than usual, her world completely disrupted by a 3-minute phone call. She pulls the door open and to her surprise was Jada standing there in her dress blues, slick bun and spit shined shoes. “Hey doll, my date got pushed up, I hope that’s okay,” Jada grinned. She stepped in the house and kissed a stunned and still crying Jasmine with all the love she had. Jasmine wrapped her arms around Jada’s neck and hugged her as if her life depended upon it.

Still reeling from the realization that Jada was actually home, she didn’t even notice her mom standing there smiling. She had picked Jada up from the airport and was in on the surprise. “I guess I will leave you two alone,” and blew them a kiss goodbye. “I missed you so much,” Jasmine said, I was so worried. “Well I’m home now, so, why don’t you show me ho much you missed me, Jada smirked” With the music still playing in the background Jasmine led Jada into their bedroom.

Jada took off her uniform and carefully placed it across the chaise lounge, running her hands across her many medals. She had made it safely once again to be with the love of her life. She turned around and hugged Jasmine, kissing her on her lips, then moving down to her neck. Jasmine kicked off her jeans and pulled off her sweatshirt. They blocked the world out and made love to each other all night long.

To all veterans, active military and military families, thank you for your service and for your sacrifice.