What I Offer

Sex Positive Instruction

Young people want to discuss sex, they just need a safe place to do it.

Comprehensive Sex Education

Curriculum based education that can be tailored to your group. The aim is to provide age-appropriate information regarding reproduction, sexual health, and intimacy in a sex positive, non-shaming and judgment free environment. Topics covered can include:

  • Basic Anatomy and reproduction
  • Healthy Relationships
  • STIs and HIV Education
  • Contraception
  • Consent and communication
  • Porn Literacy

    With the advances in technology, access to pornography and other sexually explicit content has never been easier. Young people have access at the tip of their fingers, and social media is only making it easier. These sessions are designed to facilitate open and honest dialogue with teenagers and adolescents regarding what they see on screen and what is real.

    Comprehensive Sex Education

    Small Group Education

    Sexual Health Counseling

    Porn Literacy

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